Why TieCraft Fly Tying Desks Are The Ultimate Gift For The Angler In Your Life

The best gifts we give in our lives show that we know, we understand and we love the recipient. If your spouse, friend, business partner or family member is a passionate fly tyer, you know they can sink hour after hour into their hobby. A TieCraft fly tying desk is the ultimate piece of equipment for the fly fishing aficionado in your life.

Each one is totally custom, handcrafted and built by fly tiers, for fly tiers. They’re more than just professional grade tools — they’re gorgeous works of art. Each one is a unique, individualized artwork built to suit your needs and your specifications. The color, size, materials, shape and design are all up to you. That makes them the perfect way to show your loved one that you care.

By giving a TieCraft fly tying desk to the fly fisherman or woman in your life, you’re giving them more than just a custom piece of furniture. You’re providing them with a refuge from the stress of daily life. And that’s something truly priceless.

A Creative, Custom Process — With You At The Center

When you work with TieCraft on a custom fly tying desk or bench, we’ll walk you through the process to create a truly one-of-a-kind item that fits your home or workshop like a glove. First, we walk you through an exercise that helps to determine what size desk you need. Next, we dive deep into your style preferences to nail down not only what will reflect your tastes but also fit seamlessly in the room. We invite you to send pictures or even join a live video call so we can see the intended space in your home where the desk will sit and make any recommendations. Desks can be created with additional built-in tools, lighting, magnification and storage, to make the fly tying experience more rewarding than ever. From there, we’ll work with you to create a design that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Whether you prefer a more industrial look or a more rustic one, dark woods or light, a finished edge or a live edge, we build the fly tying desk you’ve always wanted but never knew was possible.

A One-Of-A-Kind Gift With Peerless Presentation

Once the design of your desk is complete, our craftsmen will set to work bringing your vision to life. If you need something to give your loved one while you’re waiting for the desk to be built, consider our Tie-Craft gift package. Our gift package includes a TieCraft branded walnut coaster, perfect for a fine glass of whiskey keeping that desk looking pristine and a wax sealed letter describing the gift that you have thoughtfully curated.

When it arrives, your TieCraft fly tying desk is a thrill to unwrap on its own. All costs include packaging and shipping. Your desk will arrive fully assembled and crated to ensure safe, secure transit.

The Unrivaled Quality Of TieCraft Desks

Your custom fly tying desk will be made to our exacting quality and craftsmanship standards. We use materials as high-quality as they are exceptionally beautiful, from reclaimed wood to steel and concrete. All our hardwoods are grade-A quality and kiln dried for lasting durability. Drawers are made using dovetail joints for strength that doesn’t compromise on looks. Legs are welded for stability you can count on. It’s sure to be among the finest pieces of furniture you’ve ever owned, period. And that’s before the professional grade functionality that hobbyists and professional fly tyers alike will appreciate for years to come.

Give your fly-fishing loved one a gift they’ll treasure forever. A sanctuary where they can get lost in the art of fly tying and the joy of planning that next fishing trip can be found every time they sit down to tie a fly. Let TieCraft bring a bespoke touch of the great outdoors to your home.