TieCraft Fly Tying Desks: Our Models

TieCraft is the only fly-tying desk maker who understands why your desk must be truly flawless, 100% unique and beautiful. Before we sat down to design our desk models, we met with professional and amateur fly tiers across the country to discuss their needs, habits, and preferences with regard to fly tying. The three models below reflect countless hours of research and testing that went into designing our desks.

Form and function are important but so is the quality of the work. With that in mind, each of our desks are made from kiln-dried, grade-A lumber that undergoes a rigorous inspection before being selected for our desks. We craft every drawer from hardwoods using dovetail joinery resulting in strong and beautiful furniture that will last for many lifetimes. Our uncompromising commitment to using only the best materials ensures that each desk is of the highest quality.

All of our desks are made in the USA, from the welded legs to the dovetail drawers. Whether you are looking for a custom desk in Denver or around the US, we deliver locally and ship nationwide.

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At TieCraft, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why each purchase starts by speaking with the craftsman himself to customize a desk that’s right for you.

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