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Not ready for a full-fledged desk but still wanting your own fly tying space? Check out our series of quality fly tying benches.

The Emerger Series fly tying bench was designed for the no-nonsense fly tyer. Significant research went into the design of this model. Most people who already have a fly tying bench say that theirs has too many holes for tools, etc and very few of them get used. The abundance of unused holes makes the station end looking empty and awkward. The emerger resulted by measuring the most commonly used tools and adhesives to come up with the perfect ratio. Included with the bench is a collar to mount your vice, six 1” holes, two ¾” holes, six ⅜ holes and seven 3/6” holes. As with all of our models, you get to choose what style you want from the following options: rustic, live edge, industrial and modern.

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Designed specifically by Umpqua signature fly tyer Landon Mayer. The Signature series is for the tyer who, after tying the perfect pattern, wants to display it for all to see. Depending on the size of the bench, the signature has between 6 and 8 holes to display flies. Additional holes configurations for tools are available. The signature also includes a collar to mount your vice. Rustic, live edge, industrial and modern styles are all available for this station.

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This station is for the fly tyer who is looking to achieve maximum productivity. It takes the ideal tool storage layout of the emerger and adds four bowls for bead and hook storage and two magnets for “on deck” beaded hooks. If you are looking to crank out volume in style, this is your station. Available in a variety of wood species at no additional charge. 22 Width X 16 Depth

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If you like our tying stations but want to to add a little bit of flare, our epoxy series are made for you! Choose from a variety of styles or work with a custom station designer to create the exact look you’re wanting. Available in a variety of wood species at no additional charge.

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Looking to design a station around your unique needs and tying style? Look no further than our customized fly tying stations. We recognize thats fly tying isn’t a one size fits all art. Reach out to our team today to start designing a station that reflects your unique personality. Call or click for a quote.

Additional Options:
– bead trough
– Metal tool rack
– bead and hook magnets
– epoxy inlay

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Sometimes all you need is a fly tying bench (we like to call them fly tying stations because a bench is something you sit on but for the sake of avoiding confusion, we’ll use each name interchangeably).

The reasons people buy our fly tying stations are as varied as the tiers themselves. Maybe you’re in search of something you can easily pack away for a business trip so you can refill your box while you’re on the road. Perhaps you’re planning an extended fishing trip but you realize you are lacking a place where you can tie flies in an organized way. Of all the reasons people buy our fly tying benches, the most common one is simply a lack of space. Not everyone has enough space for a fly tying desk. Below, you will find several fly tying bench models we offer. With each model, you get to choose the style you want from rustic, live edge, industrial to modern style. If you don’t see something you like, just let us know and we’ll customize a tying station to your needs.

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At TieCraft, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why each purchase starts by speaking with the craftsman himself to customize a desk that’s right for you.

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